Bad days, Tongue twisters


I didnt want to call this depression/ ‘thought it was normal/ To be tired on a constant basis/ To look for temporary happiness in little things like memes/ The number of likes these faux friends give to the photos that try to mask how unrewarding it really is to live/ To miss people I decided to leave and fill up the vacuum I created for myself with uninteresting men/ To regret the mistakes and relive each one of them through the nightmares I make/ But then 1am hits and I lay in bed/ Typing down my thoughts in my futile attempt to feel better/ Repeating to myself “youre not depressed”/ “Tomorrow will be different”/ “Maybe you just need an extra hour of sleep” or “lessen the caffeine”/ Until the words feel true and you go on with your life/ Have you ever wondered though/ How many lies do we tell ourselves to survive?