First month

On music

My years of swooning over vocalists of British rock bands are over. This is a bit embarrassing but I have been listening extensively to Jay Park over Spotify and god, that man is my exact definition of what make-out music should sound like (oops TMI and sorry, Bruno Mars.) I wouldve shared his songs over Facebook like how I usually do with my other discoveries but the explicit language and music videos will not sit well with my relatives. Haha.

Did I mention how cool his tatts are? I mean, look at this beautiful man. Huhu what an oppa! Anyway, sharing one of his songs below if in case youre tired of hearing Versace on the Floor over and over again.

Dont say I didnt warn you about the explicit language and video, okay? Now dance, human.

On skincare, makeup and breakouts

I miss those days when I was still at uni and I can spend the day out on the streets of Baguio without fearing the repercussions of the weather and pollution on my skin. The entire month of January I was constantly travelling places to places in this cruel city, mostly to visit my sister, and my skin has never been this violent and rebellious. I think I need to start investing on some skincare products out of necessity.

On ironically soothing white noises and people you meet in coffeeshops

Sharing this wonderful app as well which I have been using often this month. It creates white noises to listen to when your Spotify songs are becoming too distracting and you want to take a break from classical songs (or jazz, in my case) for your late night reading. I like this app because you can mix the different white noises to recreate specific environments. Personally, I find small chatters with rain and lightnings oddly soothing – that, an the sound of campfire mixed with the sound of beach waves.

One Sunday at Starbucks, I got to meet a law student who just graduated and will be taking the next bar exams. We were sitted next to each other and I would not have realized he was reading Nachura had he not started the conversation. I was writing notes for Insurance when all of a sudden, he asked: pan-third year pa ba yang subject na yan? Pointing at my Insurance book on the table. So we talked for a few minutes over law school and he shared how difficult it was to manage working and attending classes at the same time. I wasnt able to properly say good bye and I regret not getting his name so I can check come bar results if he made it but I hope he will – he was such a nice guy. And cute, as well. Haha!

On law books and quotes

I stumbled upon this quote while reading Azucena for my labor class last night and I thought, man thats how I always feel for every bad recits I give. Teehee.

Also, Dean Sundiang joked: Wills and Succession is such a misleading title for a subject and you know why? You may have the will but you definitely wont succeed. I swear to God, the whole class laughed nervously after for more than a minute.

On our new home-esque diner

This isnt something I should be sharing about because I have not contributed a single centavo nor any idea regarding the theme, etc but it makes me so proud to see my mom finally achieve one of her long-time dream: to set up a small, family-run diner. The place isnt as fancy as diners in the city but the whole concept was to make a diner that would make patrons feel home and experience the traditional bakasyon-sa-probinsya vibe. Nanay and tatay had the diner blessed a week before they plan to formally open it and nanay has not stopped talking about how good the reception of the people were as to the aesthetics of the place and the food since then. Both my parents are really passionate cooks so it makes me feel really excited to see them open this diner and share their cuisines with other people. Nanay even plans on offering cupcakes and other desserts as soon as she gets hold of her baking equipments that she purchased.


Some January events (i.e. my third tattoo) deserve a separate post so this will have to do for now. Bracing myself for all the cheesiness and romance of February. And midterms, most especially.


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