Friends, Law school

To our baby girl

“Maghanap ka naman ng babaeng kaibigan, di yung puro kami lang.”

This is what my good friend told me one time when we were talking about my enrollment in law school a year ago while sitting under a shade in Sunken Garden. To be honest, the fact that I get along with boys better than I did with girls never bothered me before. Friendship with girls can be complicated and tiresome so I distanced myself as much as possible from them save for very few ones who were not bothered by how unwilling I am to stand the usual drama necessarily included in female friendship. But then it hit me that if I were to change things, law school would be the perfect place to start since no one would really know how boyish I am.

Then commenced my goal of earning myself girl friends.

When I first met Yvette during our law school orientation, I never really expected us to grow close because of how different our personalities are. My first impression of her was that she was the typical RK burgeoisie in the films that I saw and books I have read: all-girls school graduate, holding a starbucks frappe, using expressions like “omg” with the accompanying sleek hand gestures and cute shrieks. In fact during the course of our conversation that day she asked me what school I graduated from so I told her I came from UP and she said: “Omg UP ka pala?! So ikaw yung nag-ra-rally ganun” whilst gesturing what looked like a ‘welga’ pose with arms raised.

I took it then as a sign that my quest for finding myself girl friends is going to be tough if not altogether impossible.

More than a year later, Yvette proved me wrong. Far from the brat I first thought she was, she turned out to be one of the most passionate, honest and goal-driven girl I have ever met. Sure she complains a lot about her figure, a bit obsessed with Korean dramas and reality shows, and has an odd dislike for circles and shawarmas – but beyond all that is a dedicated person who is just as sure as heck about wanting to become a lawyer as I am.

As she celebrates her birthday today, I wish her nothing less than the desires of her heart. I am so thankful to have met someone who constantly pressures me to do better at school because of how beastmode this girl can go, someone who keeps me updated with all the showbiz chismis which I am often so dumb about and someone who can keep up with my fascination for serious conversations and love for literature.

Thank you so much for the close to two years of bully-bullied, passive-aggressive, batterer-battered friendship, Yvette! You are a blessing to anyone you happen to come across with in your life and as much as how hard you deny this, I am pretty sure someone will come to like you just the way you are. Do not take this as a sign that I am giving up on dreaming that you and J end up together though – that is not going to happen.

In behalf of the REIDers, we wish you a happy 21st birthday soon-to-be Atty. Yvette Zaide Soberano! I wanted to write something better for your special day but I am about to leave for the airport and I want to finish this now before I end up getting busy and forget posting this altogether so this will do – let me make up instead by greeting you on every platform possible, as per instructions *wink*


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