Sick day

​Two hours before the day ends and I have not yet uploaded a content on this blog so please let me apologize in advance if this turns out poorly written and obviously crammed. I did not expect that posting daily would be this difficult but I still want to keep my promise.

I got the flu last night which means that I spent the day in bed trying to regain some strength and be better. Getting sick is the last thing I wanted right now, considering that classes have already started and I know that professors will be assigning loads of cases to be read in the following days. Even the struggle to get up right now is already painful for me so how am I supposed to get up and prepare for tomorrow? Luckily, none of our professors showed up to class yet – so the chances of my other professors attending classes are getting slimmer and slimmer each day.

I hope I am right on this one because aside from the flu, it really is a struggle to get in the zone and start working on all these assigned cases and books during December when the thought of Christmas and going home to the province are all I think about. I am leaving this Sunday so I still have few days to get all the materials I need to bring home – not on my own volition, may I add – and say goodbye to my sister who will not be coming home this year.

I am cutting this entry short. My eyes are shutting off and it almost is midnight anyway. At least I managed to continue with this daily blogging. High five!


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