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Dark ages

I took some time off of Facebook for the hope of saving my grades this semester so when my last exam for the week ended, I knew that I had to install the application back to catch up with all the current events and news I missed.

Never have I thought that reactivating my account would make me sick just after few scrolls. What was once a casual hobby of scrolling over and reading about what is happening around would make me question the necessity of inventing platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I cannot even help but imagine of a world where people relied less on these platforms and actually engage in real life conversations, even real life debates, rather than spouting foul words while hiding behind their keyboards and monitor.

I blame Mocha Uson and all of these heartless, chauvinist and violent people lurking around the online world behind fake accounts (the real ones included too, of course) who spend day and night pinning people who oppose the administration down.

After the President has been elected, his supporters have been very vocal about dismissing oppositions and criticisms over the way Duterte handles crime and drug-related problems. Now I am in no way saying that they do not have the right to speak up, only that the way they ‘argue’ bothers me – some threaten the critics, use really offensive words and curses, blame the past administration for all the problems of the country, among others.

For example, just awhile ago I read a comment written by a woman wishing a girl to end up raped so the kid will learn to shut up and move on from the airing out her sentiments with regard to the burial of Marcos in the LNMB and the Martial law era. What ever happened to compassion and humanity? Why condemn a person to suffer such a traumatic assault just because of her political beliefs?

You see, the irony of our society today is that while the administration has been very insistent with its policy to eradicate drugs and crime, it doesn’t really make anyone feel safe in reality – or at least that is how I feel.

These are dark times.

You speak up in social media and you end up eating death and rape threats for breakfast. You question the prerogative of the President in implementing supposed-solutions to our poverty and economic crises and you end up getting slammed in aid of legislation, condemned even before you are put to trial before the proper courts of justice. You defend alleged drug users and other accused of crimes because it is a part of your oath as a lawyer and you end up getting shot multiple times in your car. And if you’re truly unlucky, some person will run up to you one day and put a bullet in your head plus a cardboard bearing statement such as “drug user ako, wag tularan” or something similar to that.

What ever happened to our concept of due process? And even that of ethics?

They say that the innocent has nothing to fear because unless you are guilty, the police or whoever may be playing God will spare you of their brand of justice. But do tell me – who pulls the trigger? Who gets to decide who dies and who deserves another chance at redemption?

The worst part is that before Duterte got elected, I never expected people to be as verbally (and publicly, may I add) cruel and savage but I guess when your Head of State has tacitly encouraged lawlessness in the first place, it’s just a matter of time before the hidden prejudices of people come to the surface. And here I was thinking that the whole social contract theory is a bullshit, defending the innate goodness in people. Hay buhay. This is going to be the longest six years in our life.


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