Dorm life, Law school

Going solo, again

​I have been staying in the same dormitory since last year when I started studying at San Beda Law, located just across UST and a fifteen-minute ride to school. Basically, the place is an all-girl dormitory run by RVM nuns which is the same congregation that Lola Belen belongs to. Obviously, having been raised in a conservative (read: strict) family, this dormitory is the only option that I have.

I had my own room last year but because of my parents’ indecisiveness as to whether I should transfer to a condo unit, I lost my room reservation and had to share a room with two other students for this semester. And though both of my roommates are very nice people and we get along well, I just prefer to have my own room due to the amount of school work that I do on a daily basis; some of my recurring concerns right now are first, that I feel uneasy and sorry for staying up late because my roommates have to bear with the light from my study table and second, I also like to memorize provisions out loud but I obviously can’t do that now that I have roommates. You see, there are a lot of reservations, if not restrictions, on the way we conduct ourselves and behave when you share a room with other people.

Yesterday though, I was told that there was a vacant room on the fourth floor for me to take if I still wanted to move to a solo room, obviously I said yes. So yay! May sariling kwarto na ulit!

I got a little bit carried away and started thinking about decorating my room for good: displaying photos I took from my Instax, setting up some of my favorite artwork in the wall, lining up all my law books and those I collected over the years, putting comftier beds and pillows, lahat na. These are things which I really wanted to do last year when I first moved but I just felt that I was not too convinced of this place yet, that there was no attachment whatsoever or desire to set up something more permanent and thought of, and that I was somehow still hoping to get a bigger room, but this time… I don’t know, maybe I have already come to love this place somehow? Ewan.

So yes, I might shop for room decors and stuff once I transfer to my new room and then start decorating. What a good way to relieve stress.


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