Law school

In six years

My friend and I spent the afternoon at the library, trying to catch up with the hectic Thursday schedule of Oblicon and Consti II. After unpacking my books, cases and notes, he asked a question that I was not even a bit ready to answer: what are your plans after graduation?

I stuttered and paused for so many times before I told him that I wanted to work for the government, which is true, but which is actually very vague – I mean, hello the government is pretty huge. The desire to work for the latter is largely because I have not even given back a cent to the money of the taxpayers who shouldered part of my fees when I was still studying in UP. But I know that answer is not enough to incite a decent discussion on my law career so I told him that I just want to litigate, appear in court, and that was just about it. He, on the other hand, shared that he is considering accepting an offer in a firm which specializes in labor cases. I was in awe but mostly embarrased on how detailed and informed he is on the profession itself when I barely even realized that labor is an option for lawyers to specialize. Maybe having a lawyer for a mom and a background accountancy probably helped him but it is not an excuse for me to delay considering what do I want to do after hopefully passing the bar and taking my oath as a lawyer.

Which leads me to tonight’s question: where do I see myself in six years?

I want to mention first that I will be 28 years old by then, hopefully practicing for two years already. To be honest, being a woman is a huge ordeal for law students because apart from the need to build up a career after four or five years of gruesome education – the biological setup of women are timers of some sort: the later you conceive a child, should you want one, the harder it gets; do not even get me started on finding that elusive, clichéd Mr. Right in the first place. Ay, this world is tough.

I feel like I am leading you nowhere so let me keep it short; I guess what I am trying to say is that after law school, I might need to rush into so many life decisions, more than just deciding my career. I am actually thankful that my friend pointed that out to me since I was losing sight of the bigger picture because of short term problems I had to face everyday. How surprised and clueless I was just show how I need to think about the life ahead of me more often especially since the only constant person that I held onto for so many years is no longer going to be a part of what is ahead.

In six years, I want to work either for or as a government prosecutor, or be an associate in a reputable private firm. I want to appear in court rebutting arguments and crafting my own, I want to take probono cases, I want to see myself in pencil skirts and dark hues. Cheesy but I want to help bring justice to people even to those who already gave up on our judicial system today.

On the other hand, in six years I hope I am helping my parents send my siblings to school. I hope in some way I can finally repay my parents for all the sacrfices they had to take just to support me in this. And I hope I would never have to miss any family event or gathering for some serious commitment.

I also want to be good friends already with someone I will want to marry after another one or two years. I want to travel a lot, read books with strange plots, appreciate liberal arts and music. I want to swim in different beaches, dance in good tunes, meet people from farway places. And I swear I am getting a tattoo.

I am cutting this short because it is close to midnight and daydreaming has to stop  – my unread cases are waiting for me. I hope whatever is in store for me in the future be worth the sleepless nights and sufferings I am going to go through.

Ad astra per aspera.


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