Law school

Taking the first step to the many steps ahead

As of 4:21 in the afternoon, I am officially taking several law school entrance exams.

Congrats, Tanya!

I now have a couple of testing permits and receipts for those expensive application fees they require – relatively expensive compared to the tuition and miscellaneous fees, of course. But hey, that was still more than a thousand! Imagine the books and clothes I would’ve bought with that money…

My good friend Justin and I went to several schools today to submit my application forms. Apparently, I still need to go back to Baguio before I can even take the exams to ask for another certificate of good moral character from a different office and as well as a registrar-computed general weighted average. Not really thrilled with the idea of going back to Baguio but I hope I get this done soon as I am starting to feel like these exams and application processes are becoming much more of a burden to me than it should be.

The last school that we went to was UP and this is where I enjoyed the most. While I went to several schools, UP was different – perhaps because it was where Justin and I had the chance to sit and relax after looking for buildings and whatnot. I know the odds of me passing the Law Aptitude Exam is really low but Malcolm Hall just had this very different aura that I will always admire wherever school I end up studying in – the structure of the building, the tall and slim doors, the silence in the corridors, and even the students we met along the halls – everything seemed to be “demanding” our respect. I know it sounds so cheesy but it is the truth, I really had to stop myself from taking pictures so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

Then we spent a couple of minutes sitting on the lawn by the Sunken Garden, talking about our friends, his girlfriend – who by the way recently passed the licensure examinations for pharmacists: congrats Ana! – and a couple of weird dreams about other people we have had this past few days.

In the days ahead, either I go back to Baguio to finish all the missing requirements or I ask someone nice and generous to do me this favor and spend the week cramming for the LAE which is on Sunday. Sadly, I am starting my series of entrance exam with the hardest one. But whatever, I just hope to pass somewhere good. Teehee.


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