Updates, updates

I finally finished my undergrad degree last December. It still isn’t official since the list of graduates is yet to be approved by the administration and whoever approves these kinds of thing but I finished writing my thesis and I passed all my remaining subjects so I guess that’s it.
Graduation ceremony is in June which means that I still have time to grow my hair a little longer so I can try to look a little more femme in my graduation pictures while wearing my sablay. I badly want to dye it ash brown.

What else?

I finally decided, after so many doubts, to apply to law school – primarily because my parents want me too and I guess being a lawyer has always been a childhood dream of mine. I am not too enthusiastic about it but I think as long as I take my studies seriously I will do just fine.

This is probably the craziest thing I will do in my entire life.

Right now I am trying my hardest to push myself to review for the entrance examinations – I will not mention names of schools that I am applying for because it’s embarrassing, frankly. But I do hope I land on a good law school even the second or third or fourth best, since I’m pretty sure I can’t make it to UP if I am reviewing just two weeks prior to the exams. What I can share is that I am moving to Quezon City so law schools in Baguio are out of the question.
In the following months, I might try to blog a little more. I have heard stories of how stressful law school is and apart from watching series and movies in this abused laptop, I might need other avenues for stress release – and perhaps meet new people too.

All these changes are really scary but I’m sure I can be strong this time around.


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