I still smile when I look at your face when you sleep. You look so calm – like you are dreaming of something so tranquil and lovely. I wondered if I was ever part of it, of what makes you sleep so sound at night and wake up happily at the morning. I never asked but somehow I began to assume that no one will make you smile as I do, no one will love and make you happy but me. You see, I get pretty possessive sometimes. We have been together for three years now anyway.

But assumptions become doubts in the long run. And without a guarantee, it becomes painful. They say that silence means yes but you know that I would rather hear it. It was easy to know before because we were stuck like glue, madly in love not giving a damn with the way other stares when I cling to you and you kiss me on the forehead. But we have outgrown the kids we were and we cannot always be crazy about each other, love was never just about the excitement to begin with; so there you are sleeping while I type this mini drama hoping that while I am writing this, you will wake up, hug me and wish me a good day ahead or perhaps even ask me to just stay with you a little longer before I go back home. Just like the kids we used to be.

Because there are times when you miss being a child.


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