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Hello, blog and – non-existent blog readers, I suppose?

So today is Sunday and this weekend has been the most relaxed weekend I have had so far for the past few weeks. Last Friday, I turned in my final draft and then submitted few papers, took some exams. It was hell, too much of hell that I spent all of the allowance I have left on a liter of ice cream that I ate alone, using a large cooking spoon as a scoop. Of course I regretted it afterwards but what the heck, I was really depressed.

And so most of the time of this weekend, I was asleep. Frankly, I felt really happy over not having to set up an alarm before going to bed and not even opening my school bag, worrying what to do next. I know this war is far from over but I believe that I deserve to sleep and breathe every once in a while and so I blissfully did.

Other than that, I am proud to announce that I am finally close to finishing Dragon Age which is really long overdue. To be honest, I really don’t want it over yet – I just want to finish the Landsmeet arc so I can finally be Alistair’s queen. Yay! On second thought, I am considering letting Alistair marry Anora since I also think it will be weird to have the Grey Warderns ruling the kingdom. Yes, I take these things seriously.
So what else?

Hmmm my eyes also got a lot worse now. It was less than a year ago when I last had my vision checked but now, I am wearing glasses with grades 175 and 200 for left and right, respectively. I really wanted to buy a new frame for my glasses because the one I am using now makes me look old but this is a gift from my boyfriend’s mom so I think it will be rude to replace it just for vain reasons.

This entry is really random and it’s embarrassing to even re-read it. Haha! I just woke up from twelve hours of sleep and my head is feeling really light. But at least I got to sleep so I guess that is okay.


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